What Is Wagyu Beef?

What is Wagyu Beef

What is Wagyu Beef

Not so long ago the importing of Kobe beef was banned in coming into the country of United States. There were numerous rumors that many meat suppliers and restaurants were selling a false product.

After all the rumors of scams the U.S government decided to lift the ban and the beef was then allowed back into the country. When you decide to order Kobe beef or buy it from a supermarket make sure you ask to see proof of where the beef originates from.

The distributors of Kobe beef in America are Freemont (Beef Co). Any retailers that purchase the meat will be given certification to show their consumers that they are selling the real deal.

Wagyu beef is extremely expensive due to the fact that only a limited amount of the cattle is used every year for meat sales. An estimated mere 3000 animals are sold every year for meat distribution.

The reason why this meat is so popular is the intense flavor and the marbling in the meat.

Many people say the meat has a smooth and buttery texture that cannot be compared to any other type of steak on the market.

Real Kobe beef can only come from the area of Kobe in Japan. Some retailers use the name Kobe attached to a name such as American Kobe, this is not the authentic meat as is did not come from that area.

Wagyu beef is the name given to certain cattle breeds in Japan the production of Wagyu beef is not as strict and rigid in its quality standards as Kobe beef is. This beef is also prized for its texture, flavor and marbling.

The Wagyu breed can now be found in other countries such as Australia and America. The breed may come from Japan but the cattle are raised in a totally different way to the cattle in Japan.

Wagyu beef that has been raised in other countries will take on a totally different flavor due to the style in which the animal is bred. The Japanese have a certain art and ways that they will raise their cattle.

In other countries the method of raising the Wagyu cattle is very different indeed. Climate changes can also affect the end product of the meat and what the animal is fed will ultimately determine the flavors of the end product.

The Wagyu meat from Japan has a high degree of marbling or fat content in the meat, the meat color is paler in comparison to the Wagyu meat served in America or Australia.

It is safe to say that if you are looking for an authentic Kobe beef or Wagyu steak to ensure that the meat that you order really comes from that particular area in Japan.

Thanks for reading. The author is a food blogger for London Fine Food